How Suwidha Works
How SUWIDHA Works?

How SUWIDHA Works?

  • The citizen approaches SUWIDHA Queue Counter and gets the Queue Token number.
  • Citizen waits for some time till his token number is displayed on the screen. On his turn at SUWIDHA Service Counter, he files his application.
  • Citizen is issued a receipt bearing a Refrence number, which specifies the date of delivery of services. Each type of service has a pre-defined delivery time and system automatically calculates the service delivery date.
  • The time of delievery of service depends upon on the nature of service as specified by the Govt. of Punjab.
  • All kind of payments for the fees etc can be made at the SUWIDHA counter. This further saves the inconvenience of the citizen caused to visit either bank or treasury office to deposit such payments.
  • The application/case is then sent to the branch for action.
  • In between the citizen can track the case with the help of SUWIDHA Token number through DialCITI (which is IVR based system) or website, wherever implemented.
  • In order to ensure the timely delivery, the DC monitors the progress regularly so that citizen does not have to visit the office un-necessarily.
  • The delivery of documents/processed case is made on the specified date. The delivery of the documents is also from SUWIDHA Delivery Counter and not from the branch. This way the branches are able to concentrate on the backend work rather than attending to the citizens and this further helps in improving government services and the citizen are freed from inconvenience /harassment.

    With this process, all applications received are recorded and monitored against the delivery due date, branch-wise. Computerized print, placement of processes has improved the quality of service. SUWIDHA Software provided the facility of local language (Punjabi) as well. The operators are available on the counters for the prescribed timings so easily accessibility to the citizens.